Tuesday, October 24, 2006

THINK PANOS:) Tip of the week:)

When shooting do you ever think PANOS??????????

We have tons of photographers who always request panoramics in their albums. Panoramics are beautiful and if I could have the ideal album I would have all panos, so I understand why photographers request them. One thing that might help you when you are shooting is think panos. Pull back a little, give a little more head space, and don't be afraid to place your subject on the side instead of being dead center. You also have to realize that when a layout is printed and bound, they cut into the image anywhere from 1/16 - 3/4 of an inch, which is another reason why you want to leave a little space.

David Jay and Chris humphreys does an amazing job at creating the perfect panos. Here are a couple examples of their work. The first one is David's and the other one is Chris's:)

Have fun shooting this weekend and don't forget to think panos:) LOL...