Thursday, January 25, 2007

No Limits for Albumesque:)

I receive e-mails from people all over the world who ask "can Albumesque work for my business even though I live in a different country". The answer is absolutely!!!! Brigitte is a wedding photographer located in Switzerland and we've been designing for her photography business the last couple of months now.

I love getting to know all the photographers that I work with. One thing that stands out about Brigitte is she's very involved in the photography industry in Switzerland. A group of them have actually put together a website where they can refer weddings to each other. Her attitude is amazing when it comes to the photography industry and I admire that.

Stay tuned for more info on Brigitte:)

Don't forget to check out her album and website:)

Brigitte's Album

Brigitte's website


Daniel said...

Hi Albumesque Team!

I was so happy to read that I finally found out throught your blog about another photographer in Switzerland that is working in my business and with the same tools and the same aims in mind.

So, I followed the link to Brigitte's website and was wondering why I didn't understand any word that was written there. But I was able to figure out the "contact" menue item and finally found out that Brigitte lives and workes in SWEDEN!

I think that is maybe one of the "american mistakes" about Europe :)

The other one is that you always mix up Austria with Australia - which is at the other side of the world, of course :)

There are a lot of countries in Europe. Sweden and Switzerland are VERY different and not even close to each other. We are the ones with chocolate, cheese and banks. Of course that is only the clichee and there is more about Switzerland. Come and visit it, its beautiful! Or ask Gary, he will tell you, he knows Switzerland as he told me once.

See you soon in Switzerland!

Brigitte said...

Hi Amy...and Daniel!

You are sooo right about the Sweden and Switzerland-thing! But when you think about the size of Europe and compare it to the size of the USA it's easy to understand that we are getting mixed up.

Amy, thank you again for your most amazing work and your patience with my ideas ;-) and my clients'...

Hope to see you some day in Stockholm (Sweden!)

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