Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Still Amazed

WOW, I can't believe how long it's been since I've updated our blog. Well, I have lots to post so keep your eyes open this week for designs that the Albumesque team has been working on. When you become an Albumesque client you get to work with one designer the whole time. Depending on the type of design style you like, determines on what ALbumesque designer you'll be paired up with. Sara France is a photographer that I'm privileged and excited to be designing for. She likes simple, clean designs with very little layering, which is exactly how I love to design. Every time I design an album for her I am blown away by the images that I get to work with. Here's one of the many albums that I've designed for her over the past couple of months.

More soon -
Amy (@lbumesque designer)

Click here to see her WEBSITE

Click here to see the Album Slideshow


Chris Humphreys said...

Beautiful stuff Amy!

I really like it!

The Memory Journalists said...

Lovely job Amy (as usual!). Great album and images.

Stacy Cross said...

I LOVE love love this album design, Amy - great job! Sooo classy!

Anna Costa said...

Great Design! Sara is Awesome - I love the shot she took through the palm tree! Call me to go exercise!


Sara France Photography said...

You did a great job Amy, as usual!