Monday, May 26, 2008

Simple + Clean = Fashionable

I've always been a huge fan of matted albums but now I'm really into flushmount albums that are designed very simple, clean, and contemporary. No layering will be found in these albums:) Jasmine Star has me design all her albums this way and I think it really goes extremely well with her beautiful work. Here's an album design that we just finished. I try to make the strong images more prominent so they stand out, but as you can see all her images are amazing so the most difficult time I have is trying to decide which one to enlarge.

Jasmine also just launched her new blog which I'm in love with so definitely check it out!

Click here to see the whole design

Click here to see Jasmine's Blog


gabriel ryan said...

carlie & i just received our album today... so stoked! jasmine's photos are breathtaking, and your design gives life to our story! thanks a ton.

Lindsay said...

I wish we had that kind of thing in Belgium... as a photographer we do the own design here. Pity you aren't around here. Maybe an idea for expanding ;) The albums are so very nice, can't stop looking at them! Congratz on all you nice work!

joshua k said...

Great & stunning :)