Thursday, July 10, 2008

Branching out and LOVING it:)

A couple of weeks ago I finished an album design for Me Ra Koh. When Me Ra approached me with this album she said she wanted me to try something a little bit different. Large images, a few small and the bride and grooms vowels throughout the album is how she described her vision for the album design. The Kennedy's have an album very similar and after seeing their book I thought it was a great idea and worth branching out of my design comfort box:) (As I like to call it}. With the Kennedy album style in mind and a little bit of "Amy Flare":) this is what I came up with.

Click here to see the whole album design

Click here to see the amazing work of Me Ra Koh

The images that I was working with were amazing and very inspiring. I'm not a huge fan for including words in an album but as soon as I started reading their vowels I again realized that they had to be included because it described the love that the couple had for each other and it brought the album to life.

I think it's so funny how I was hesitant to branch out and try something new but once I started designing I was very thankful that I stepped out of the box and hope to do it more often:)

-Amy (Albumesque Designer)


Jeff said...

Amy - this is beautiful, beautiful work. Nice job on stepping out of your design comfort zone - you ROCKED this one. Of course, Me Ra & Brian's images are AWESOME!!

Heather said...

Wow Amy! You totally outdid yourself! I am not a fan of words in albums either – but you TOTALLY made this work!!! Absolutely beautiful! said...

Thanks Jeff and Heather! I truly enjoyed designing this album:)

Heather, how r you? Miss talking with you!

Talley Images said...

this is so beautiful, but on that last one should it say "unconditionally" instead of "inconditionally".... or maybe thats what they wanted?

Anyway, you do such fabulous work!

Tracy said...

Wonderful Design!!!
Me Ra's work is always excellent, but you really made it shine on another level.

The music that is playing behind it is BEAUTIFUL!

Is it too much to ask for artist/title?


Sublime Photography said...

What a lovely idea. Your work is so clean and I am so glad that I found you!