Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ask yourself......... What's My Style!!!!!:)

What's your Style !!!!!!!!
While our hope is that you love and enjoy all of our designs, we understand that not everyone shares the same design preference. That is why Albumesque is happy to offer three different types of design styles, and we leave it to you to decide which one best fits your needs! So, what’s your style?

Le Simple
Some believe that less is more! Simple designs, simple borders--or no borders at all!’s your call! :) With no overlapping or layering, this classic design leaves lasting impressions.

Jasmine Star
Design 1

The Memory Journalists
Design 1

Le Layer
Layers can be fun! This design option utilizes more complex layouts, creatively layering images and including fades. With the addition of colors and borders, you can add a whole new dynamic to your album!

MQ Photography
Design 1
Rae Barnes
Design 1

Le Mix
Mix it up! For the indecisive, or for those who simply love the look of both! :) Le Mix is our "combination" design, offering elements from both Le Layer and Le Simple. With this design you will find overlapping, but no fades.

Amy DeYoung
Design 1
Dane Sanders
Design 1

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