Friday, October 16, 2009

CLIENT | micah gilmore

There is one thing I’m certain, we have been blessed with incredible clients. Talented photographers, yes--but it goes beyond this. It’s funny how you can get to know somebody’s character simply by how they correspond through email. This was the case with Micah Gilmore…his humble, genuine, and lighthearted nature was evident immediately through his words, and it consistently shows up in his work.

Micah and his wife work together, and make quite the team. I’m certain it’s the love and appreciation they have for each other that makes this job so easy and fun for them…you notice the comfort and ease that they bring to their couples and the result is something wonderful. Their style rests somewhere between candid fun and trendy classic, often resembling something out of a Banana Republic magazine. Most importantly, they cater to the couple’s personality types and this is revealed with each photograph.

It has been a pleasure working with you, Micah and Christie! Thank you so much!!

-Emily (Albumesque Designer)

Albumesque recently had the pleasure of designing an album for Micah that will give you a glimpse of their fun nature and talent. Enjoy the slideshow below! Also, be sure to check out his website and blog by clicking here!

Click here to see the whole design:)

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