Friday, August 06, 2010

CLIENT | lalee photography

Summer is in full swing and I hope it's been a very enjoyable one for everybody! Like most of us, the Summer usually consists of a go go go mentality and the next thing you know it's over :( Hope everyone not only works hard but also gets the chance to play hard as well :)

Here at Albumesque we feel so privileged to design for the clients that we have. From the bottom of our hearts we feel thankfulness! One of those amazing clients that we get to work with is Lauri Tripaldi, owner of Lalee Photography, and who is located in Pennsylvania. She's such a sweet heart and we're so glad that she started using Albumesque this year.

Below you will find one of the designs that we did for her. Hope you enjoy!

- Amy | Albumesque Designer

Click here to see Lalee Photography's website:)

Click here to see the whole album design:)

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Andrea Petrille said...

I love Lalee Photography!!! These photos are amazing. Continue the beautiful work, Lauri and Albumesque!