Saturday, February 23, 2008

No Limits for Albumesque:)

Every once in a while Abumesque will get a design request for something other then wedding and engagement albums. Well this time it was a sports album. I can honestly say that I LOVED designing this album. Jerry Lai is based out of Chicago and he is an amazing sports photographer and I was truly inspired by every single image that I had to work with. Take a look at the images and you'll be inspired too! I can't wait to start working on another sports album, so exciting! Amazing job Jerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here to see Jerry's blog

Click here to see the whole album design


Chris Humphreys said...

Yeah Amy! :)

Great job on this album! I bet it was a ton of fun to design, Jerry is a good friend of mine from H.S. and I'm so glad you got to work with him for this!

So cool!

gabriel ryan said...

jerry's images rule! it's riveting how he can capture some of those moments right when they happen... things the naked eye don't see.

and your layout, as usual, displays jerry's work so well! rock on!

gabriel ryan said...

"doesn't" see... don't i feel silly

Jasmine Marie said...

Wow. I don't think it's ever occurred to me to even have a sports album. :) Good work though!